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Whether it’s an emotional attachment like Pixar movies or perfect pacing like The Social Network, Reddit explained what makes the perfect movie.
The summer is not short on new movies coming to theaters and streaming platforms. Between Disney and Pixar’s Lightyear and the latest Top Gun sequel, movie lovers are waiting to give their thoughts on the latest hits.
On Reddit, it’s not just new movies that viewers dissect, it’s dated movies that they love to break down as well. Reddit is a great place for reviews on movies because Redditors aren’t afraid of being honest about what makes a movie a success or not. Whether it’s comedic timing or a surprise ending, Reddit has some thoughts on what makes a movie a good one. 
Just as there are things that ruin a movie, there are a variety of things that make a movie good — it’s all objective. Most viewers on Reddit agreed that a movie is considered a good one when it’s hard not to think about. One Redditor raved about Call Me By Your Name and how they couldn’t get it out of their heads.
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NoNeed2RGue wrote, “When certain scenes stick with you for days after watching it.” Some Redditors chimed in that even the scary or gruesome movies stuck with them, but it’s those things that keep the movie’s title alive.
Some of the best movies of all time are beautifully paced. Redditor MNDCMN explained why pacing is so important to a good movie. “Pacing is a huge factor for me. You need a solid introduction to your characters so that you can relate to them and later root for them,” they wrote.
Movies like The Social Network, Star Wars, and Predator are all movies known for their great pacing. The Redditor continued saying, “You need time to develop the stakes for our heroes without dragging things out. And then you need a climax that has you on the edge of your seat, and cheering once our heroes succeed.”
Whether it’s a horror or a comedy, it’s all about suspense. A great example of slow suspense is from the series Black Mirror. Suspenseful movies like Black Mirror are hits like The Circle, Passengers, and Level 16.
HaikuberryFin wrote, “The greatest movies make you forget that you are watching a movie.” A fellow movie buff replied, “This is known as “Suspension of disbelief.” In short, it’s watching or reading something illogical or impossible and enjoying every moment of it because it takes the viewer out of their reality.
It can’t get worse for a movie when the director couldn’t stand working on the project or promoting it. Alan Taylor for instance didn’t love working on Thor: The Dark World because he wanted the movie to have a “childlike wonder” but it turned out far darker than anticipated, according to The Direct
Ayferriesbelongtome told Reddit, “A movie must believe in itself. When I see a lot of explosions or the plot getting too complex the first thing I think is that the director thinks the movie is too boring or crappy by itself and needs to have something to call for attention. Please don’t do it.”
There’s a reason why Outstanding Cinematography is an award at the Emmys and Oscars. How the movie is shot tells a story for the audience. Amitai45 explained what areas of film make the most impact, and one of them is the cinematography.
The Redditor wrote, “Cinematography. How do the shots look? Does it look like the DP actually planned ahead and picked an angle/blocking that would have aesthetic appeal?” They continued writing, “Are there any patterns to be observed in the frame? Is the camera able to tell the story at points when the script isn’t? If so, I’ll like the movie more.” For the Reddit user, directors who understand cinematography are “Scorcese, Danny Boyle, Wes Anderson…”
What’s a bad movie to one person may be a fabulous one to someone else. As art, a good or bad movie is in the eye of the beholder and how they viewed it.
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MarcusHalberstram88 told Reddit, “A film’s message is often in the eye of the beholder, and the significance of the film’s message is almost certainly in the eye of the beholder.” As much work as the writers, directors, and actors put into a film, it’s all about the viewers’ interpretation of what makes a good movie.
For some Redditors, it’s not about the cinematography or the director’s belief that makes a good movie, it’s about the emotional investment viewers’ had with the film. Disney and Pixar do a great job with emotionally moving shorts and movies that pull viewers in and get them to feel a variety of emotions in a short period.
Stormy8888 told Reddit an “emotional investment” is what makes a great movie. “It moved you and you want others to see it. And 10 years or more later, you still remember the movie, can still talk about how that movie moved/impacted you, and are able to still try to tell OTHERS why the movie was great and why they should watch it.” Casablanca and Gladiator were two examples they gave.
Redditor Chen_Geller explained that every great movie has the “three Es.” These Es include “Entertain, Educate and Elevate.” They explained further, “A good movie (or other work of narrative art, for that matter) entertains. A better movie entertains and educates. A great movie elevates. A masterpiece entertains, educates, and elevates.”
Movies like Stand and Deliver, Precious, and Remember the Titans are fantastic examples of movies that have the three Es.
It’s disappointing for viewers when nothing happens. Without direct execution, viewers can also feel lost or as if the movie is pointless. Some movies that Redditors listed having great execution are the first Transformers and Fast and the Furious movies.
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MovieBuff90 wrote, “In the long run, it’s all about execution.” “If a movie is executed well, it’s a good movie. These are the films we remember and love, the ones that know who they are and stay true to their initial vision throughout.”
In the end, viewers just want to be entertained. Whether it’s a scary movie or a romantic comedy, viewers want to be transported by their seats to the screen. Ckpie explained the art of entertainment well on Reddit.
“For me, it’s just entertainment. I have a long week, stress out about work, get rekt at video games so when I make my weekly trip to the cinema all I want is a fun movie that shows me a good time for a couple of hours.” But what makes a movie entertaining? They wrote, “I think it’s the combination of pumping score, heroic visuals, fanciful CGI, and feel-good moments that make it worth the ticket price/time for me.”
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