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Some scenes would have changed everything if they would have made it into their movies, and Redditors are talking about the most shocking.
The Lord of the Rings: The Rings Of Power has released its first episodes and viewers have already praised the series for its breathtaking visuals which successfully portray Tolkien's fantastic Middle Earth and resemble Peter Jackson's film masterpieces.
Although The Lord of the Rings movies last many hours, there are plenty of moments viewers wish could have been added to the theatrical versions, given they would have significantly changed the story. Nonetheless, the trilogy of Middle Earth is not the only cinematic piece where deleted scenes would have changed the entire film, and according to Reddit, these are the most impressive.
Redditor jackaroojackson commented, "The Saruman death scene in LOTR. I know it was a runtime thing but it's annoying that the primary threat of the first two movies is just trapped in his tower in the theatrical cut," which is a valid argument.
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Although the scene where Saruman is defeated was deleted from the theatrical cut, it was included in the extended version of the film. However, many other Redditors pointed out that another scene of The Lord of the Rings – where Boromir explains why he wants the Ring – was deleted, which would have given much more depth to the character.
Reddit user ashashin shared, "In The Incredible Hulk Bruce travels to some remote area in the Arctic to kill himself from a place away from civilization, but he transformes into the Hulk before he pulls the trigger," which is a scene that, in spite of being deleted, was mentioned in The Avengers.
There are many things The Incredible Hulk got right, but including this scene in the theatrical cut could have changed things for the better, as it would have given a much more dark, deep and dramatic tone to Bruce Banner's pain.
Redditor friendofhumanity mentioned, "The ending of I Am Legend that was changed involved Will Smith discovering that the zombie creatures were in fact not stupid, but were civilized and were hunting him because he kept kidnapping their people," and most agreed how the scene would have been a much better ending to the movie.
In this final scene, the protagonist, Dr. Robert Neville – who had been testing vampires to find a cure – realizes his cruel doings, which was a much more profound and original plot twist. This scene would have changed everything, and I Am Legend is considered one of the movies with most shocking alternate endings.
Nobody expected Clerks to be the great film that it ended up being recognized as, but it is truly a nihilist masterpiece of comedy.
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That is why it is shocking to know about the deleted scene that Redditor JackEsq mentioned: "The original ending of Clerks. Dante is closing up the shop and a robber comes in and shoots him dead. The End," which is a very grim scene for such a light-hearted movie and definitely changes its overall tone.
A deleted Reddit user commented, "The scene at the end of American History X that showed Derek shaving his head," and later added, "the ending didn't do well with test audiences. They said it was too dark," which is very understandable.
American History X is one of the few movies with one horrific scene that changes the tone completely, and the unforgettable gruesome scene where Derek murders a Black man out of pure hatred is hard to watch. However, this deleted scene would have made the film even harder to swallow.
Redditor averysuspiciousguy shared, "Ripley was supposed to get her head ripped off at the end of Alien," and although it would have been a shocking ending, it would also have destroyed the probability of a successful sequel.
Ripley is an outstanding character throughout all her films and her character development in which she transformed from an average person into a badass warrior makes her one of the most endearing and memorable leads in sci-fi films, so this alternative ending would have been truly disappointing.
Viewers of the Harry Potter franchise witnessed, countless times, how Harry's uncle, aunt and cousin were despicable muggles, and many despised them for neglecting Potter. That is why a deleted scene mentioned by Jill4ChrisRed would have changed significantly the perception of the family.
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He said the scene they cut in the film "shows Dudley thanking Harry for saving his life in the previous film and Petunia giving Harry some wise words," which would have given the Dursleys a more satisfying arch and more three-dimensionality.
Peter Parker was raised by his aunt May and his uncle Ben, and like most orphans, he wondered many things about his parents' history and whereabouts. Redditor MisterMcFancyPants mentioned a deleted scene that would have represented a critical point in Peter's life.
He shared "Apparently Peter Parker meeting his dad at the end of ASM2," and other Redditors were shocked. Although this doesn't erase the endearing and outstanding parent figures his uncle and aunt were, it would have been very interesting to see his reaction and development after this.
Redditor DGM06 commented, "The Goonies theatrical cut references an encounter with an octopus that did not happen in the theatrical cut," and suddenly a confusing bit of dialogue at the end of the movie where an octopus is mentioned makes sense for some viewers.
It was a relief for most to read about this deleted scene, given that the line had always been really puzzling and made most wonder how could they have missed a huge octopus. Others wondered if the character was lying. The truth is, that the film's director decided to cut a fun scene that should have been included.
Reddit user Why-so-delirious described a Pirates Of The Caribbean scene that would have finally explained how Jack Sparrow became a pirate. He commented how the scene referenced how Jack Sparrow "was sailing a ship called the Wicked Wench for the East Empire Trading Company on behalf of Cuttler Becket [sic], and was tasked with delivering a hundred slaves. But Jack decided to rescue the slaves."
Most fans of the franchise have always known that Jack Sparrow has a good heart but lacked solid evidence that proved his true colors. This scene would have given Jack the backstory fans craved for, however it is probable producers wanted Sparrow to be morally ambiguous.
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