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While many films do not age well as the years progress, these titles have been given the stamp of approval by Redditors!
2022 has so far been serving as a great reminder of past films and legacies. From spin-offs like Disney Pixar's Lightyear to decades-later sequels like Top Gun: Maverick, this year's releases remind audiences of old films that still deserve recognition today.
While some films have not aged well due to things like their outdated prejudices or inappropriate jokes, there are still many classics that have aged surprisingly well in terms of effects, stories, characters, or all such elements. And Redditors have taken to choosing some of their favorites.
The Dreamworks animation, Shrek, was a surprise hit in its day, with its quality, message, and memorable nature parring with the renowned works of Disney.
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Unlike its sequels, which Redditors think became outdated for their time-specific musical scores, the first film is regarded as a classic for early animation lovers. Redditor radaman666 thinks it "holds up surprisingly well for old animation" and ArtofBlake agrees, saying it holds up "shockingly more than The Incredibles does, and they were around the same time."
The courtroom drama of a group of different men struggling to reach a unanimous verdict as a jury was very well-received, and is noted as one of the most rewatchable old Hollywood movies.
Fans still believe the original 12 Angry Men has aged well, sixty-five years later. Reddit user cowboyjosh2010 was "floored at how engaging it was, how relevant it still seemed to modern societal ills, and how effectively the camera was used to add to the emotion of a scene… this one holds up remarkably well in its cinematography and character development/exploration."
Before its 2017 reboot – which is regarded as one of the worst movie remakes ever – and after the dark 1932 original, there was the 1999 hit adventure film, The Mummy. The first film in the trilogy has become a beloved classic, with viewers praising its balance of humor, horror, romance, and Indiana Jones-like adventure.
Redditor Deja-Review stated that "pretty much everything about this action adventure has held up over 20+ years. The VFX are still rock solid, production design is amazing and the cast was just pitch perfect. It's a movie that got lukewarm reviews back in 99 but has only garnered more admiration as time passes."
Despite its star-casting, relatable story, and comedic content, Office Space was not initially well-received. However, over the years it earned a cult classic following as audiences grew to appreciate the film and its many meme-able moments, and it is currently one of the best movies on Amazon Prime.
As explained by Redditor gogojack, "there are a few moments where it gives away the time when it was made (referencing the Y2K software issue, for example), but on the whole, it was a timeless classic about people stuck working dead end jobs in cubicles."
Upon its initial release, The Thing tanked terribly both at box offices and with critics. However, like many other films, it has been appreciated by current audiences and has earned a reputation as one of the best sci-fi movies ever.
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Reddit user mopeyy just "watched [it] for the first time the other month… The practical effects were so far ahead of their time. Highly recommend," while another Reddit user stated that they "don't think The Thing will ever age. It's just as astonishing and horrifying now on 4K as it was on VHS when I was a kid."
Following the journey of a group of strangers who wake up in an unfamiliar territory, Cube is a fan-favorite thriller and is considered to be one of the best films about being stuck in one place.
Despite its familiar premise, fans of the film consider it a well-aged classic. Redditor Fossils222 stated that "despite its age, the dynamic between the characters is still worth watching… it uses the genre as a way to explore the psyche of its characters… Never once are we told 'why', but rather 'how'. How are these characters going to handle this situation they are in."
The success of the first-ever Halloween film is showcased through the impressive film franchise it launched. Yet, even with so many sequels, reboots, and spin-offs, the first of the series holds a special place in the hearts of fans.
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Redditor SLCer explained that "for what it is, a slasher movie with a fairly simple plot, it remains one of the more effective horror movies of all-time and still feels ahead of most slasher movies released today… I can't think of many horror movies since that have that sense of dread…at least as effective as it was presented in the original Halloween. Of all the 70s and 80s slasher movies, Halloween holds up the best … other slashers from that era do feel dated."
The first in a profitable franchise, Predator won over audiences with its brilliant casting, suspenseful storyline, and gripping action scenes. Decades after its release, the film still is beloved by audiences and is the preferred choice over its successors.
Reddit user notmixedtogether thinks that the film is "perfectly paced. The one-liners hit hard. If they didn’t show the ship in the opening scene, we wouldn’t know alien involvement until pretty deep into the movie." Perhaps the real testament to the film's timelessness is the fact that they still "watch predator 3-5 times a year no problem."
The political thriller Enemy of the State featured many notable cast members and an action-filled plot as they navigated a world of politics, lies, corruption, and cover-ups. The film was a commercial and critical hit upon release and is deemed to have aged well even today.
In fact, many fans think the film is actually better enjoyed in modern times. Reddit user WantWantShellySenbei says they "rewatched Enemy Of The State recently. Not only does it hold up visually, I think it's more believable now than it was in the late 90s… now a lot of it has come true."
Before Looney Tunes: Back in Action, there was Who Framed Roger Rabbit – the preceding rabbit-centric animated/live-action crossover. The film was praised for its comedy and innovative storytelling, ushering in an inspired age of animation.
Redditor JayEdgarHooverCar noted it as "one of those movies enjoyed when I was a kid. But only when I was a grown-up did I realize just how unique of a masterpiece it is. The technology for how they created the effects is amazing. And of course, the fact that you have Mickey Mouse and Bugs Bunny sharing the screen at the same time." The film is a truly unique experience that continues to age well even today.
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