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Dune and Nope are two recent movies that left viewers wishing the film went on for a little longer
The abrupt ending of great recent films such as Nope and Three Thousand Years Of Longing left a bittersweet taste in viewers' mouths, making them wish the movie went on for a few more minutes regardless of whether they liked the movie or not.
For better or for worse, ambiguous endings are made to make viewers chew on the story and decide for themselves what just happened. On the other hand, some endings are so emotionally powerful that viewers can't help but wish the movie wouldn't end, just so they could enjoy it a little longer.
David Cronenberg and Viggo Mortensen team up for the first time to deliver a gangster story that is as heartfelt as it is brutal. The unexpected slow-burn aspect of the narrative might strike viewers as rather odd, but when A History of Violence finally kicks off to its clímax, it's difficult not to vibrate with the intense final face-off between Tom Stall and his brother.
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However, this is not how it ends. As Stall comes home expecting to be confronted by his family, he actually finds them hesitantly accepting his violent nature, and the film ends. Primer260 claims the film left them asking, "The credits are rolling just now when it's finally gotten interesting?" Since the family drama is the main storyline of the movie, perhaps it would be interesting to see a bit more of how things unfolded at home.
BrownBananaDK states, "The first Matrix. I wanted to know more. Oh how wrong I was. Now I just want to forget 2 and 3." After a decisive combat between Neo and Agent Smith, Neo is now perfectly comfortable with his abilities; after threatening the machines, he puts his sunglasses on and flies away.
The first Matrix was much more concerned with setting up an impressive world-building and developing the arcs of each character than actually springing into action, leaving the final battles to the last two movies. The innovative story immediately won over fans, who were left wanting more, unaware that the two next movies would actually provide them with a huge tonal shift to the narrative.
The ending of The Dark Knight trilogy has a very special place in the hearts of the fans, but some people agree that it should've continued a little longer. In an emotionally appealing final sequence, the fate of Gotham and the main characters are revealed as each arc comes to a conclusion, but riegspsych325 says, "I vehemently refuse to believe Alfred didn’t just join Bruce and Selina at the table."
Instead of a melodramatic reunion between Bruce Wayne and Alfred, Christopher Nolan opted for a simple, yet meaningful exchange of nods between the two long-term friends, but the scene undoubtedly leaves a bittersweet taste by not showing how they came across at last.
The ending of Nope leaves plenty of room for different interpretations and fan theories, but not everyone was satisfied with the ambiguity of its final moments. Known as one of the most promising directors of his generation, Jordan Peele is also famous for his divisive movies, now leaning on sci-fi with the story of two siblings on a remote gulch who discover something sinister hanging over their heads.
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cloroxbb thinks the ending of Nope "could have used some 'extra'."The film ends with the main characters triumphing almost unscathed over a monstrous alien creature, but the reason behind their victory lies behind important details and clever symbolism inserted into the story, some of them not so clear to everyone.
A deleted user says, "After watching it for the first time about 5 years ago, I fell into an intense rabbit hole of online fan theories on the ending." The Thing offers one of the best ambiguous endings out there, because regardless of what ends up happening no one really wins or loses. It's a painful draw that favors the rest of humanity, but it's possible that no one ever finds out about what really happened in that remote base camp.
Considered the best body horror movie of all time, The Thing follows a group of scientists in Antarctica trying to deal with a mysterious alien creature that can take the shape of its victims. The film ends in a sad tone as the remaining survivors embrace the circumstances of their distrust and embrace their fate.
School Of Rock is one of the best feel-good movies of the 2000s and ends with a vibrant musical performance. The happiness and energy shared by the characters are contagious, and JFAD1494 claims, "I could've listened to another 10/20 minutes of them jamming at the end."
The film tells the story of a substitute teacher committed to turning his class into a rock band, and pretty much all the interactions between characters build up to the moment where the band finally gives all they got in their big performance. The payoff is spectacular, and while it clearly indicates that everything will lead to positive outcomes, viewers don't actually see the consequences of the legendary gig.
Brought up by xjxdarren, the ending of No Country For Old Men leaves it up to the viewers to determine the fate of the enigmatic Anton Chigurh, a ruthless serial killer that fits the "one-who-knocks" kind of villain. In a film driven solely by impulsive actions and their immediate consequences, the contemplative turn it takes in its final moments puzzles the audience for better or for worse; when a broken Anton walks away and the film cuts to the mournful monologue of Tommy Lee Jones, viewers know the story is far from ending.
The film leaves viewers wanting more especially because of its final sad note; it's a hopeless story from beginning to end, but it's impossible not to wish for a hint of hope throughout its running time. When the credits silently roll, viewers can't help but feel desolate.
The ending of The Lobster always divides viewers with a feeling of love or hate. abcdefgrapes claims, "While it was definitely ambiguous, I think the length of the final shot implied that he did it." The final scene ignites furious debates on an important (and brutal) decision the protagonist has to make, and while some fans prefer the ambiguous ending, many people would appreciate it if the movie went on for ten more seconds.
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The Lobster takes place in a dystopian near future where single people are forced to spend days in a hotel in search of a soul mate. If they fail to complete the deed in forty-five days, they will be transformed into an animal of their choice. If the unconventional plot wasn't weird enough, the movie meanders through unconventional directions, in a way viewers can never expect what will happen next.
A Ghost Story is a gentle movie that can easily trigger an existential crisis in viewers, mostly because of the unexpected, yet highly emotional final scene of the movie. The film follows a white-sheeted ghost aimlessly hunting his own house; first to console his mournful wife, then forced to watch his existence slowly slip away as he attempts to find a long-lost purpose to move on.
The whole narrative of the film is conducted through subtle gestures, promises, and the passing of time. All these things collide when the ghost finds a note left by his wife hidden in a wall gap, which causes him to dissipate upon reading it. However, Yeomanroach states, "I watched A Ghost Story last night and really wanted to know what the note said."
Astrousaurus42 mentions the ending of Dune as an example that left viewers wanting more even though a second part is expected to conclude the storylines left open. The combat between Paul and Jamis is gripping but not slightly as relevant as the big events that preceded, thus the movie should probably have opted for a thrilling cliffhanger to grip viewers for good.
If Part 2 hadn't been confirmed, the ending of Dune Part 1 would easily be remembered as one of the most anticlimactic conclusions in recent memory, but fortunately, fans now have something solid to wait for. Part 1 covers roughly 70% of the book in which the potential duology of movies is based on; a sci-fi classic with many layers of intense combats, world-building, and existential questions that could've been used for a final gut punch.
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