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Hulu is home to many binge-worthy comedy series, from Letterkenny to Modern Family.
Hulu is home to many great comedy movies and TV shows. Binge-worthy comedies are typically series that offer something to their viewers, whether that be a life lesson, relatable content, or just pure laughter. The most binge-worthy shows are the ones that have a little bit of everything in them.
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Binge-worthy comedies are easily-digestible shows that fans quickly grow to love. Hulu has a wide selection of comedy TV shows, but only a few can stand out as some of the best on the streaming service.
Solar Opposites is a quirky comedy about an alien family that moved to America. Throughout the series, the aliens are trying to determine whether they enjoy living on Earth. Solar Opposites is easy to binge as viewers become lost in the alien's humorous antics.
The comedy show is often compared to Rick and Morty, but Solar Opposites stands on its own. Solar Opposites may have similar humor to the sci-fi comedy, but it offers a unique story and is easy to binge through every episode. Fans of quirky, bizarre comedies will enjoy binging through the episodes of Solar Opposites.
Abbott Elementary is a fun school-based comedy in a mockumentary format. In the series, the titular school suffers from a high turnaround rate, so only a few of the new teachers remain.
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Abbott Elementary shines a light on a rather serious issue: the lack of funding in many schools. However, it manages to spread these messages in a comical way. Abbott Elementary fans think the show is relatable and easy to watch, as it lightheartedly offers a look inside the struggles of working in the school system.
Modern Family is an easy-to-watch mockumentary show that follows the extended Pritchett/Dunphy family. Modern Family is effortlessly relatable as the characters learn real life lessons and navigate the hardships of growing up, raising children, or being in a relationship. There are many laugh-out-loud moments that viewers will experience throughout Modern Family.
Modern Family truly has a little something for everyone. Audiences will fall in love with Phil's silly antics, Cam's over-the-top demeanor, and Haley's hilarious dimwitted nature.
Bob's Burgers is a comedy show that follows the constant shenanigans of the Belcher family. Owning a burger joint isn't always easy and adding in three quirky yet mischievous children only makes it more difficult. Gene, Louise, and Tina are always working up a new plan, and their parents Linda and Bob are never too far behind them.
Bob's Burgers is an easy watch as fans follow the Belchers on their wacky adventures and day-to-day life. Each episode trails into the next, with no complicated plots or dark themes. Viewers will quickly realize how each season flies by.
Donald Glover is a well-known comedian, so it comes as no surprise that his show, Atlanta, offers some high-quality humor. Earn (Donald Glover) is a broke man who's just trying to make something of himself. Thanks to his managerial experience, he looks to help his cousin, an up-and-coming rapper, manage his music career.
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Atlanta follows the relatable struggles of everyday life and careers. Viewers should prepare for a rollercoaster ride as Earn and his cousin jump through countless hoops to get their careers up and running. Atlanta is a captivating watch that viewers won't be able to turn off.
Murder-mystery shows tend to be a bit more serious than Only Murders In The Building. This show follows three neighbors who work together in an attempt to understand the death of another tenant in their building.
The three neighbors – Charles, Oliver, and Mabel – are big fans of a murder-mystery podcast, which they quickly begin to bond over. Murder-mystery fans will enjoy this comedy, as it's a cozy watch with a great central mystery. Mabel, Charles, and Oliver are all endearing in their own right, but their dynamic is hilarious.
Ramy is a hilarious comedy-drama. Throughout the series, the titular character is facing an internal battle. He is left unsure of which life path to follow as he navigates between his Muslim religion and a path that he thinks will offer him a bit more freedom.
Viewers will enjoy the humorous scenes where Ramy searches for guidance in the most comical of ways. He relies on advice from friends who don't take him seriously and family members who are a bit too serious for his liking. Within a few episodes, viewers will find themselves captivated by the story of Ramy's journey.
Fans of Letterkenny are sure to enjoy the spinoff series, Shoresy. The show provides its viewers with laugh-out-loud humor in every episode. Viewers follow the life of Shoresy, a well-known character from Letterkenny.
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Shoresy revolves around hockey and the protagonist's team, the Sudbury Bulldogs. Letterkenny fans are well aware that Shoresy has a love for hockey. Watching his passion unfold in the show becomes humorous as he struggles to make the most out of the Sudbury Bulldogs, a struggling triple-A level hockey team.
Not all comedies need to make total sense, and Dave is no exception. Dave is full of silly, raunchy, and goofy humor. The show shines a light on the real-life rapper Lil Dicky and tells the story of the eventful transformation to turn Lil Dicky into a successful rapper.
Dave is based on the events that Dave Burd endured during the beginning of his rapping career. Through this journey, viewers can expect to laugh at the many awkward moments Dave endures throughout the show.
Letterkenny can easily be binge-watched in a day or two. The show captivates its audience with healthy doses of sarcasm and relatable humor. Letterkenny is a Canadian sitcom about a group of friends and their day-to-day lives. At the start of every episode, viewers are greeted by Wayne, his sister Katy, and his two best friends, Daryl and Squirrelly Dan.
This group of friends is one of many that the audience will meet throughout Letterkenny. Each group of friends provides viewers with witty, clever, and often silly humor. Although Letterkenny has 10 seasons, audiences can easily binge through the short episodes.
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