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Reddit users got together to discuss their favorite badass characters who only had minimal screen time in their respective films.
The Nazarian Brothers in Netflix's Day Shift blew audiences away and became instant fan favorites. Several viewers hope to see a spin-off film or series that focuses on the pair in the near future.
Many movies have unexpected standout characters, and some of them are so minor, they're barely in the film. It's a testament to the actor's talent when this is the case. Recently, Reddit users got together to discuss their favorite badass characters who only had minimal screen time in their respective films.
Videos in this article contain depictions of strong violence.
Scott Pilgrim vs. The World has become a cult classic with ridiculous meta-humor that makes for an entertaining watch. Out of all the characters in the movie, the Vegan Police deserve recognition for their hilarious performance. They appear in a single scene to punish a self-proclaimed Vegan for violating his diet.
Several Reddit users such as Chammers88 find that this is "one of the best scenes in a movie full of amazing scenes." There are a lot of fantastic scenes, but something about this one captures viewers' attention. Redditor WornInShoes specifies, "The high-five and 'YEEEAHHHH!!!' after they steal Brandon Routh's powers never fails to crack me up."
John Wick tells the story of a retired hit man who goes on a murderous rampage after he and his dog are attacked. Kirill works as a security guard for the main antagonist of the movie.
Reddit user Lucia-pacciola describes the scene in question, "Wick is just curb-stomping club security, then this guy gets on his level and hands him his ass. John Wick only escapes because he's a man of sheer will. And even then, he can't finish Kirill." Anyone who has seen this film and its sequels know John rarely struggles in a fight. Kirill may be working with the antagonist, but this movie fight is one of the best in cinematic history, easily earning him the title of badass minor action movie character.
The third Captain America film sees members of the Avengers go head-to-head over the Sokovia Accords. This movie introduces T'Challa and several other key Wakandan characters. In particular, Reddit users adore Florence Kasumba's Ayo thanks to her brief appearance in this film.
Her first scene in the franchise sees her escorting T'Challa to his ride, where she demands that Natasha get out of the way. Fruitporridge says, "That lady said 'MOVE or you will be MOVED' to Black Widow… she stole the entire movie with that one scene." Ayo is a force to be reckoned with. Not only are her words powerful, but she also has the strength to take down powerhouses like Bucky Barnes. Fans of Ayo can rejoice, as she's slated to appear in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, set to be released in theaters on November 11.
Boba-Fett may now have his own TV show on Disney+, but it's his part in the original Star Wars trilogy that viewers are attracted to.
Several Reddit users explain they were just drawn to Boba-Fett's suit, while others fawn over the mystery of the character. Phin_wilkes_boothe cites Boba-Fett's introduction, "All of the bounty hunters in the Executor ship scene [is just] a great collection of well-designed characters that were in and out… I was always super into the bounty hunting side of the Star Wars universe after that." And Boba-Fett stood out. He spoke back to Vader several times in The Empire Strikes Back. He's also the only character to successfully detain the Millennium Falcon. In Reddit's book, that makes Boba-Fett a badass.
A New Hope sees the destruction of the Death Star and the simultaneous deaths of several rebel fighters. Red Leader is just one of many who lost their lives in the battle.
While Luke is ultimately the one who obliterates the Death Star, Red Leader had a large part in it. He's often one of the most underrated characters in the Star Wars movies, but Reddit fans took a liking to him immediately. Super-Duper-Skrull says, "Everything about that dude said no nonsense grizzled veteran who's seen it all, right down to telling Luke and co to do their trench run instead of covering him." He almost becomes the hero when he makes a big shot at the Death Star. Unfortunately, it isn't enough to tear the ship apart, but it's enough to show viewers what a badass he is.
Day Shift is about a vampire hunter who unravels a conspiracy involving a local real estate agency that isn't as it seems. The Nazarian brothers are arguably the best characters in this recent Netflix film thanks to their hilarious antics and great chemistry.
Reddit user ocdscale admits, "The scene in the trailer with the Nazarian brothers is what convinced me to watch the movie. I knew the movie was going to be stupid fun after seeing that." Unfortunately, they're present in only one scene of the movie. This gives cause to wonder if there's a deleted scene somewhere floating around where they return and kick some more ass.
The Dark Knight is often regarded as the best Batman film and the darkest movie with a PG-13 rating. With so much death in the first ten minutes, it's easy to see why that is. William Fichtner plays the bank manager in the opening scene. This is the only time he appears in the movies, but he makes an impact.
Keeponrollingbaby confesses the bank manager is their "favorite character in the whole trilogy. Love his scene," What makes this character so great is that he's just a normal guy standing against a group of robbers, trying to protect his place of work. He has no powers and no chance of winning, but his actions are admirable, and that's what matters.
Glengarry Glen Ross is based on a play about an office of salesmen who must compete for sales to keep their jobs. Alec Baldwin appears as Blake and Redditors believe the character is a badass, despite having one scene in the entire film.
Googlobs shares their surprise at the character, saying, "I was only familiar with that famous scene where Alec Baldwin is berating these guys and when I finally got around to watching the movie, I was surprised to find out not only is [he not the main character,] but that character just shows up, shittalks those guys for 5 minutes, then leaves." Baldwin uses some outdated and inappropriate language to get his point across, but his performance is fantastic and deserves recognition.
Daniel Craig's fifth and final film as Bond has fans conflicted about the way it ended, but one thing most can agree on is how brilliant Ana de Armas was as Paloma.
In recent years, de Armas has been taking action movies by storm, and her stint as Paloma may be her most beloved performance yet. Genericmovievillain shares, "It really is a shame her character wasn't introduced in earlier movies because she rocked in this one." The agent is an excellent fighter, and she has great charm, aim, and wits about her. Despite having minimal screen time in the film, several Reddit users agree that she was the best part of the movie.
True Romance is about a newlywed couple who accidentally ends up with drugs belonging to the Mafia. Christopher Walken plays Vincenzo Coccotti, a mob boss who wants his drugs back. He appears in only one scene to interrogate the father of the groom.
Reddit user ThomasMaxwell2501 points out, "Dude had the coolest lines and was probably Christopher Walken's most intimidating character ever. The scene lasts 10 minutes, but it's arguably the most memorable part of the film. And you never see his character again, not even a mention." Walken is a legendary actor, and his ability to make an impact on a film while only being in one scene proves how talented he is.
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