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While these movies entertained audiences for most of their runtimes, the endings left them on a disappointing note that soured the entire experience.
While a good movie is judged as a whole, the final note it leaves audiences with can make a big difference. It can either feel like a satisfying conclusion to the story or leave a bad taste in the mouth. In some cases, a misguided ending can turn an otherwise good movie into a disappointment.
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Sticking the landing can be hard and sometimes the results are less than stellar even if everything leading up to it was entertaining. Whether it is a rushed finale, an anti-climactic wrap-up, or a poorly-thought-out twist, fans felt these movies fell off the rails in their final moments.
The comedy Rat Race assembled a fun group of comedic actors together for the road trip adventure. It follows a group of strangers who are recruited to go on a cross-country race where the first one to the checkpoint will be awarded $2 million.
Though not a classic by any means, the movie offered some laughs and fun along the way. But the ending found the characters joining together at a Smash Mouth concert and deciding to give the money to charity. Redditor torkcaster felt it seemed like the writers “had no idea how to end it” and slapped this conclusion together.
With The Sixth Sense, M. Night Shyamalan set a high bar for himself in terms of delivering a stunning ending. The alien invasion movie Signs was the first hint that his twists wouldn’t always be so satisfying.
The ending finds the central family confronted by an alien in their homes only to discover that its weakness is water. One Redditor complained that the reveal was “so over the top stupid” and many have pointed out the fact that the aliens chose a planet that was mostly water.
The sci-fi movie Sunshine boasts an impressive roster of talent. Directed by Danny Boyle, written by Alex Garland and starring the likes of Chris Evans and Cillian Murphy, it is a beautiful and thought-provoking odyssey about a group of astronauts on a mission to revive the dying sun.
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While the movie is a stunning yet intimate movie for much of its runtime, it takes a sudden drastic turn in the finale when a human threat is introduced. As Redditor iAmWhoDoYouKnow describes, the movie “goes slasher in the last act” making for a jarring ending.
Though perhaps not one of David Fincher’s most popular movies, The Game is still a gripping thriller. It stars Michael Douglas as an anti-social businessman who is given the chance to participate in an elaborate game. However, it soon seems as though he has been drawn into a deeper conspiracy.
While the ending is left more ambiguous than some viewers seem to think, Redditor FallsOfPrat found the “level of disbelief I’m expected to suspend” with the suggestion that it was indeed all part of a game was too much.
Though James Bond movies are mostly known for their huge climaxes, it appears that some of the endings don’t sit particularly well with fans. License to Kill served as Timothy Dalton’s final performance as 007 and was a particularly dark adventure as Bond sought revenge against a drug lord.
Redditor Delumortal appreciated that License to Kill “committed to being a darker iteration of James Bond” long before the Daniel Craig movies. However, they felt that was undone with the silly final scene in which Bond gets romantic with his love interest and a statue of a fish winks at the camera.
Oliver Stone is a director who is known for not pulling any punches with his movies. Fans expected the same with his hard-edged action movie Savages about a group of friends whose drug operation send them into a war with a dangerous cartel.
With the climactic shootout, the movie seems to end with the main characters all dying only for the movie to literally rewind and give a more uplifting finale. Redditor BehavioralSink felt the movie was cheapened as they “tacked on a happy ending.”
The Nicolas Cage thriller Knowing begins with an intriguing premise as he plays a man who discovers a list of numbers in a time capsule. He soon discovers that the numbers have predicted some of the most catastrophic events around the world.
The movie builds the mystery of the numbers while also moving closer to the predicted world-ending event. However, Redditor midgettamer complained that the movie then introduced “a very stupid element” as it is revealed aliens are responsible for warning humanity of these events.
The apocalyptic thriller I Am Legend stars Will Smith as presumably the last man on Earth after a virus wipes out everyone else, turning some into dangerous monsters. At the end of the movie, Smith finds there are more survivors and also makes a cure for the virus. He then sacrifices himself to save the others and let humanity live on.
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Redditor runerd expressed their disappointment with the ending and insisted it is even more frustrating “if you’ve seen the alternate ending.” The alternate ending reveals that the monsters were not deadly after all and simply saw Smith as a threat who was hunting them.
Alfred Hitchcock is one of the greatest directors of all time and a master of suspense. But while his thriller, The Birds, made for a gripping story, it also left some viewers with too many questions once it was over.
After birds suddenly start attacking and killing humans, the movie ends as the lead characters simply get in their car and drive away as the birds menacingly watch. Without any explanation or big showdown, Redditor IrishFlukey called it an “anti-climactic ending.”
The French thriller High Tension is a brutal and bloody ride from beginning to end. It follows a pair of girls who become the targets of a ruthless serial killer. However, the final moments of the movie reveal a shocking truth.
The twist reveals that one of the girls and supposed victims is actually the killer herself. While unexpected, Redditor cdaffron wasn’t impressed with this ending and pointed out that the twist “creates more than a few plot holes.”
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