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Overlooked murder mysteries that are worth watching.
The “whodunit” or “who’s done it” genre has drawn viewers in for ages because of both the mystery it portrays and the way it compels you to pursue the perpetrator. Everyone wants to pit their wits against the best, and the pleasure of watching a whodunit while following the protagonists' leads and gathering evidence to solve the crime is what keeps viewers hooked.
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Despite their brief running times, whodunit films like Knives Out, Murder on the Orient Express, or Chinatown, are well-liked and popular. However, fans of the genre also have the opportunity to indulge in television shows that revolves around a whodunit plot. Besides big names in the game such asOnly Murders in the Building and True Detective, there are several hidden gems that fans should be aware of.
Luther follows the titular character, John Luther (played by Idris Elba), a brilliant police detective who works on murder cases, frequently involving serial killers, and who has a talent for understanding the killer's motivations and getting inside their heads. However, Luther often gets in trouble with his superior due to the conflicts of his techniques, demeanor, and disturbed private life.
Along with the tremendous thrills of Luther and Alice's (Luther’s ex-girlfriend played by Ruth Wilson) cat-and-mouse game, the series also features powerful, compelling cop stories with traditional whodunit cases that keep the audience interested the entire time. It’s also exhilarating to watch because the line between genius and madness may be dangerously thin and Luther is walking on it the whole time.
Broadchurch is set in the fictional English town of Broadchurch on the Dorset coast and centers on Detective Inspector Alec Hardy (David Tennant) and Detective Sergeant Ellie Miller (Olivia Colman) as they investigate an eleven-year-old boy's death that causes an unwelcome media frenzy.
Broadchurch's empathy for its characters' struggles, the ongoing connection between the two leads, and a suspenseful whodunit plot set it apart from other crime dramas. Moreover, the show did a good job of cleverly utilizing its mystery to delve into the deeper emotions of its characters, making it more entwined rather than merely a collection of irrelevant pieces placed back together.
Mare of Easttown follows highly competent crime investigator Detective Sergeant Mare Sheehan (Kate Winslet) as she looks into the killing of a young woman in her small town of Pennsylvania. Mare has lived in Easttown her entire life and is familiar with everyone there. Despite this, Mare's life is gloomy and unhappy, partly as a result of the tragic passing of her son.
Similar to Broadchurch, Mare of Easttown also examines one’s grief and suffering as well as the dark side of the community. In addition to all the heavy issues the show doesn’t hesitate to address, it’s a top-notch cop show with an old-fashioned whodunit approach and a strong female cop at its center.
Sharp Objects is an HBO crime miniseries that is based on Gillian Flynn's 2006 novel of the same name. The show centers on Camille Preaker, played by Amy Adams, a journalist with mental problems who goes back to her hometown to report on the killings of two young girls.
Sharp Objects is one of the few TV programs nowadays that try to develop a unique visual language that elevates the storytelling as well as makes it seductive to viewers. With a horrific, mysterious death, a little town full of immoral secrets, and a big-city reporter called in to investigate the crime, the show has all the makings of a classic whodunnit that deserves the spotlight.
The Killing is a Netflix crime series that is based on the Danish television series Forbrydelsen. The show follows the many murder cases that Det. Sarah Linden (Mireille Enos) and Det. Stephen Holder (Joel Kinnaman) investigate, starting with a missing girl found in the trunk of a car registered to a mayoral candidate.
The Killing is purposefully sluggish and doesn't feature any of the typical car chases or shootouts in action movies, instead focusing solely on the police investigative process as politicians seek to cast blame. Despite its difficult subject matter, the show consistently demonstrates that it is not your typical whodunit drama but rather a complicated and unsettling one that viewers should enjoy.
Fortitude is set in a quiet international community on the Norwegian Arctic island of Fortitude, where nearly everyone seems to be concealing at least one secret and is slowly being torn apart by a series of violent and increasingly odd deaths.
Fortitude may look superficially similar to everything that has come before, but underneath lies something wholly original and unique. Consequently, the show is ominous and dark, full of compellingly troubled individuals, and sure to lead viewers down some strange and possibly unfathomable avenues. The cast also gave phenomenal performances coming from seasoned actors such as Richard Dormer, Stanley Tucci, and Dennis Quaid.
Waking the Dead follows the Cold Case Squad, a multidisciplinary police unit led by Detective Superintendent Peter Boyd (Trevor Eve), who looks into old, unsolved murder cases utilizing contemporary techniques and cutting-edge technologies that may not have been accessible during the first investigation.
The show is dark and gritty with a cast of intricate characters, each of them has a complicated past and secrets they must keep hidden from the team. Additionally, despite the show's relatively innovative approach to the crime genre, especially given the time it was broadcast, it nevertheless uses a classic whodunit formula that can appeal to any audience.
The Afterparty is set during an after-party for a high school reunion where a death occurs and everyone is made a suspect. One by one, a detective questions the old classmates to elicit plausible motives as they each relate their version of events, leading to an unexpected conclusion.
The Afterparty is unquestionably humorous, original, and fascinating with a terrific cast, each of whom provides an excellent performance and brings out the best in each character. Additionally, it does a fantastic job of making fun of several movie genres while providing suspenseful sequences when necessary and easing the tension when needed, giving viewers the best time.
Top of the Lake follows a courageous but inexperienced investigator named Robin Griffin (Elisabeth Moss) as she is called into investigating the murder of 12-year-old Tui Mitcham, the drug lord's daughter, who was found pregnant after being dragged from the icy waters of a South Island lake in New Zealand.
The show is an edgy, unsettling, and excellent crime drama with a strong focus on women and their trauma and sufferings, although it does have a lot of what viewers nowadays know as “daddy issues.” Moss once again gave a phenomenal performance while leading the show into developing a comprehensive depiction of difficult lives and hope for recovery.
The ITV drama The Bletchley Circle centers on a group of women who collaborated to crack codes during the Second World War. The former coworkers reunite to look into a string of murders even though they have become accustomed to leading ordinary, unremarkable lives in London.
The program finds a creative approach to honor those underappreciated government employees, the majority of whom were women. The Bletchley Circle is sheer joy for aficionados of mysteries thanks to its excellent acting, taut storyline, and suspenseful tone. Moreover, the excellent ensemble does a superb job of making the four women distinctive despite the film's brief running length.
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