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There are movies that span decades, there are movies that span a few years, and then there are movies like these that tell their story in 24 hours!
After a month of heavy marketing, the recent release of Bullet Train proved to live up to viewers' high expectations, with many labeling the action-packed comedy a hilarious yet slick take on the action genre.
Its star-studded cast made full use of the movie's limited space and kept fans gripped, prompting viewers to praise Bullet Train's restricted location whilst others questioned whether its timing was also bound. Bullet Train may have given the illusion of being set in one day, but these Reddit-recommended flicks are guaranteed to provide fans with that real 24-hour time crunch!
My Dinner With Andre is an experimental comedy that follows two men as they spark up a conversation over dinner, which captivated fans through its opening line. This unconventional movie represents a conventional dinner but showcases how different the two friends are in terms of lives, success, and even morals, making for a compelling watch.
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Prank_Owl explains how the movie is "entirely focused on two old friends reconnecting with each other over a meal at a fancy restaurant" and showcases how one conversation can result in someone questioning their friendship as well as their own experiences.
Dazed And Confused feels like the perfect summer flick for a lot of fans as the movie follows several groups of teens on their last day of high school. The movie contains a star-studded cast that represents the newfound freedom that comes when one enters their final summer before college, with one Redditor labeling it "the ultimate summer flick."
Richard Linklater creates a series of highly relatable characters that choose to celebrate their last day of high school in a variety of ways. Dazed And Confused showcases the joy and sudden maturity that hits teens as they exit high school by placing viewers right within the action, resulting in many fans reflecting on their own final day of high school.
Falling Down stars Michael Douglas as calm-natured William Foster, whose patience soon wears thin when his day continues to go downhill as his desire to get home in time for his daughter's birthday is met with a series of unfortunate events.
Taureg01 shared how "Falling Down is one of Michael Douglas' best performances" as viewers were invited to feel the same frustration as he does. The movie utilities its time limitation to build tension, with time continuing to pass as William commits a series of chaotic criminal acts that left many viewers' blood pumping, whilst others could relate to his character reaching breaking point.
Collateral sees the genius pairing of Jamie Foxx and Tom Cruise as the unlikely duo embark on a night of terror, murders, and a perfectly timed getaway. Max, a happy-go-lucky innocent cab driver picks up a slick-looking customer called Vincent and is paid to drive the hitman to five different victims, resulting in Max questioning his own morals.
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The movie is a fast-paced flick due to its time-sensitive plot, which according to vanillawafah was "the thing that drew Michael Mann to pick Collateral as a project." Collateral has not only been praised for the amount of action it can fit into 12 hours but its ability to create complex characters whose backstories make up a lot of the plot, replacing the empty stock characters seen in action flicks.
The Cabin In The Woods is one of the best horror movies of the 2010s, the movie combined horror with comedy that made viewers laugh one minute and scream in fright the next. The movie tells the story of five friends who vacation at a cabin in the woods but soon unearth a ritual that seeks to sacrifice them as they also battle the two scientists controlling the whole thing.
The movie offers a humorous parody of the typical slasher movie that also plays into tropes that litter the horror genre but still delivers a scary flick that left viewers gripped to their screen. Buttersworth_Mr explained how "a lot of horror films seem to take place in a day or just one night," something highlighted through The Cabin In The Woods and its homage to the slasher style that acts as a countdown.
Ferris Bueller's Day Off made a name for itself within the world of cinema and continues to be a much-loved movie that stands the test of time. Ferris Bueller takes a sick day to a new level when he ropes his girlfriend and best friend into a 'rest' day that sees the trio cause chaos as they make the most of their time away from school.
One Redditor stated that Ferris Bueller's Day Off is "the answer," with the movie taking place over one day and showcasing how much one can conquer in 24 hours. The cult classic contained an anti-authoritarian tone that resulted in many viewers wanting to take a sick day of their own, homing in on their desire to temporarily abandon responsibility.
John Hughes was one of the best directors of the 1980s, and The Breakfast Club is a film that certainly helped to place the director in the spotlight. The movie follows a group of teens as they gather for Saturday detention, which sees them share their talents, their deepest darkest secrets, and most importantly newfound mutual respect for one another.
Redditor rebeccasmileyface shared how The Breakfast Club is "the movie that sparked [their] love of movies that take place in one day," with the cult classic famously taking place on March 24th, 1984. The '80s favorite explores how teens continue to be misjudged and sought to remove that by showcasing how stereotypes can be formed over decades but can easily be removed in one day through conversations that wouldn't have taken place if it wasn't for Saturday detention.
Phone Booth doesn't just take place in one day but also in one location when Stu Shepard finds himself trapped within a phone booth due to someone on the other side of the line threatening to shoot him should he hang up.
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The thriller confidently builds tension and even causes some fans to feel claustrophobic, with Colin Farrell encompassing the stress associated with the movie's enclosed location and time sensitivity. Phone Booth was largely overlooked as recognized by erich0779, who stated how they "don't see it mentioned too much [but] always thought it was fantastic."
The Before Trilogy is a romance film series that viewers believe best portrays love and relationships, with each movie being known for its specific style that encourages viewers to feel like voyeurs in the conversations between Jesse and Celine. The Before Trilogy follows the unlikely pair from the moment they meet, then nine years later, followed by another nine years.
The movie was praised by many for its simplistic style that relied heavily on conversation and allowed viewers to get to know the two characters in great depth. TH4DD3U5 explained how "the one shot walks they had throughout the trilogy [contained] such delightful conversations" that made many fans feel as though they were on a day trip with their fans where they had to say goodbye once their time was over.
Die Hard follows Detective John McClane as he seeks to patch things up with his estranged wife, but he soon finds himself attempting to save her and her colleagues as they become hostage victims.
Although some fans argue that Die Hard is not a holiday movie, the story takes place on Christmas Eve itself and has many references to its festive period, even if it results in Santa Claus taking on a new appearance. One Redditor explained how there is "no better answer" as the film builds suspense through its time-limited plot, making it an incredible movie that leaves viewers holding their breath as they watch.
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