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Some of the most interesting horror movies examine complicated families, and Reddit fans are sharing their best picks from this genre.
While there are many horror movies about friend groups or couples, there have been some incredibly well-done films about families released in the past few years. Whether a family is celebrating a wedding that goes wrong, dealing with grief and loss, or hosting a dinner party, there are countless scary movies that show just how tough and complex communicating with relatives can be.
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From a fan favorite film starring Toni Collette to a quirky horror comedy, there are several horror movies about family relationships that Reddit fans recommend. These stories are just as emotional as they are terrifying.
highly anticipated horror movie from 2020Relic has a great cast and also an epic and heartbreaking story about a family.
One Redditor posted that “Theres definitely a strong familial bond in Relic” and one Redditor added it’s a moving movie about seeing “a loved one go through the process of death.” Katy and Sam look for their mother and grandmother Edna and discover lots of secrets along the way. The movie is dark, well-done, and sad.
Redditor Luna4456 wrote that after watching Titane they were “surprised about all the family dynamic themes in it.”
Fans of body horror will definitely want to check this movie out, and it’s also a good pick about a family who has trouble getting along. The main character Alexis/Adrien lives a kind of double life as she still resides with her mom and dad and they have no idea about what she gets up to. This is a horror movie full of surprises and while most families don’t keep these kind of disturbing secrets from each other, there’s still the relatable element of families who don’t talk about everything.
Redditor TheSkinOfTheCyper recommended “A Quiet Place,” and while the movie is beloved for its talented cast and smart story, it’s ultimately about a family attempting to survive once all hope seems to be lost.
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Lee and Evelyn will do everything within their power to keep themselves and their children alive after go on the run when creatures who hunt sound take over the world. The sequel A Quiet Place Part II is even more of a family tale as Evelyn has to live without her beloved husband.
Jordan Peele’s Us is very meaningful, and the horror movie has several messages that fans can think about long after.
Redditor Sammelaugust suggested Us as a scary film about a family and wrote, “Also love the family in Us because the doppelgängers just genuinely spooked me.” This story offers up a new take on parents taking their kids on vacation, as they soon see people who look like them and learn the truth.
Redditor Tandybaum shared that The Invitation is also a great pick about relatives being involved in a strange scenario, as the “major conflict of the movie is family trauma coupled with a invitation to a strange dinner party.”
While the dinner in the film might seem normal at first, it quickly becomes unique and totally original as Eden and David share that they are members of a cult that deals with loss. Fans of the movie particularly enjoy the clever ending.
Redditor Sempiturtle98 recommended Ready Or Not as a horror movie with “Great family dynamics.”
There’s nothing quite as dramatic as a wedding, and when Grace marries into Alex’s family, she learns that they’re not who they claim to be. A game of hide and seek could end Grace’s life, but this incredibly strong character shows that she’s a genuine opponent as she tries to beat the family. The story takes the common idea of the complications that arise when someone marries into a wealthy family and turns it on its head.
One Redditor shared that We Need To Do Something is a good pick for a scary movie about a family because “The situation they get placed in makes the dysfunction really shine.”
A popular horror movie from 2021We Need To Do Something is adapted from Max Booth III’s novella about a high school girl, Melissa, who is terrified during a tornado and whose family hides in a bathroom hoping that they will make it through.
One Redditor posted that “Hereditary” is one of the best horror movies about a family dealing with a lot of darkness, and it’s true that Annie’s family history is absolutely terrifying.
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As Annie finds out the truth about King Paimon and how he has taken over Charlie, fans are stunned by each twist and turn. The movie uniquely shows how bad one family’s luck can be and the impact of the heartbreaking loss of a child and sibling. It’s interesting how everyone, from Annie to Charlie to Peter, is affected by this paranormal situation.
Redditor TheRogueToad mentioned the movie Await Further Instructions because there is “drama relating to the situation they’re in, but there is also lots of family conflict.”
This is also a great Christmas horror movie as the story happens during the winter holidays, and the family in the film is told to stay at home while getting messages via their TV. It’s a creative way to show how tough it can be for relatives to be around each other.
Redditor MyStationIsAbandoned recommended We Are What We Are, noting that fans should go in without knowing the plot: “Dont read anything about it, just watch. it’s good.”
The horror movie was shown at Sundance in 2013 and tells a riveting story about the Parker family. Fans of Julia Garner will also want to check the film out as she plays one of the daughters named Rose.
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