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There are plenty of modern directors who have had a huge influence on the face of the horror genre, with many already recognized as all-time greats.
The horror genre has always been a place for exciting new voices to make waves, and throughout the past few years, we’ve seen plenty of fresh directors fall into the spotlight. Whether that’s supernatural, gruesome, or psychological horror, there’s always a place for new voices to find a home in the genre.
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There are also plenty of directors with long-running careers in horror already, perhaps starting out in the late 80s and 90s and following the trends of the genre throughout the years. It’s certainly one of the most exciting branches of cinema to watch, and one that’s constantly reevaluating and rebranding itself.
Most known for directing the remake of Wes Craven’s cult classic The Hills Have EyesAlexandre Aja has also been involved in several other original horror projects over the years. His two most recent movies, Crawl and Oxygen, are both extremely entertaining survival movies that pay homage to the genre’s past.
Reddit user deadandmessedup admits that they “didn’t think much of [Aja] to start”, but his dedication to style and substance has elevated his reputation. His movies might not be the most iconic or mainstream, but you can always be sure you’re in for a fun time.
Whannell is best known as the screenwriting partner to director James Wan, writing the scripts to such famous movies as Saw and Insidious. However, Whannell’s career has moved behind the camera in recent years as he’s directed a couple of pretty successful horror movies, most notably The Invisible Man.
Whannell’s career might not have reached the levels of fame and success as his filmmaking partner’s, but there’s still no denying that he’s got a clear voice and a keen eye behind the camera. Reddit user dadsfromthecryptpod cites him as a personal favorite, likely due to his undeniably influence on the genre.
James Wan was one of the defining horror directors of the early 2000s, and although he seems to have stepped back from the genre somewhat, his name is still connected to some of the most iconic horror films in recent memory.
The director is most famous for his involvement in the Saw franchise, which has become famous for its creative traps and gruesome deaths. Despite only directing this first movie in the series, Wan’s influence and legacy can clearly be felt throughout all the Saw sequels.
Shyamalan’s more recent movies admittedly haven’t received the best critical reception, but there’s still no avoiding the influence that his earlier movies had on the genre. Films like Signs and The Sixth Sense are totally unique and original – and most importantly, the kind of movies we just don’t see anymore.
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Even Shyamalan’s latest movie Old has to be commended for its originality, even if the finished product might not have been as smart or engaging as many fans were expecting. Reddit user miguel-elote cites Shyamalan as one of their favorites, even if “his quality is too inconsistent”.
Mike Flanagan has become most famous for his hit Netflix series The Haunting of Hill Housebut the director has been involved in plenty of other successful horror movies and series since then. Whether that’s The Shining‘s recent sequel Doctor Sleep or the religious horror series Midnight MassFlanagan seems like one of the genre’s leading voices right now.
One Reddit user names Flanagan as one of the “best working horror director[s]”, believing that he uses “themes and imagery that transcend [the horror] genre above what is normally expected”. That’s certainly true – a lot of Flanagan’s work notably uses striking images and symbols to convey its messages and motifs.
Although many thought that Sam Raimi’s horror days had been left in the past, the director is set to helm the MCU’s first “horror” film to date, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of MadnessThe film will follow the fallout of Strange’s multiverse-bending spell that he cast in Spider-Man: No Way Hometearing open the fabric of reality itself.
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Raimi originally gained fame for his hugely successful The Evil Dead in 1981, from which a whole new subgenre of horror was born. Reddit user deadandmessedup also notes that the director “has become an incredibly savvy producer in his own right.”
With his newest movie The Northman in cinemas now, it’s no surprise that so many horror fans are citing Robert Eggers as one of the most promising horror directors working today. The film has opened to rave reviews, which is doubly surprising considering how much pressure was put on the film following the widely acclaimed The Lighthouse.
Reddit user pacciopeiastilllife argues that “there’s a lot of reason to emphasize the artistic merits of [Eggers’] movies”, noting just how different and refreshing his films have been so far in comparison to more mainstream horror releases. The Northman is one of the best movies of its kind, and Eggers’ direction plays a large role in that.
Despite experimenting a lot more with genre in recent years, there was a time when Guillermo del Toro’s name was associated much more strongly with horror. Whether that’s the cult classic The Devil’s Backbone or his debut feature Cronos, del Toro is certainly no stranger to the genre.
Although his more recent films fall more suitably into the ‘gothic’ or ‘noir’ genres, there are certainly horror elements that del Toro has maintained consistent throughout his career. One Redditor asks whether he would even “count” as a horror director at all, but del Toro’s impressive additions to the horror genre would leave it unfair to exclude him from this list.
Redditor a-eff-this argues that “Ari Aster is definitely a frontrunner so far” in the competition to be the best horror director working today. His two films, Hereditary and Midsommar, were both huge successes among critics and horror fans alike.
Aster has also directed several short films that might not be as engaging or as well-known as his two feature-length releases, but all still show his talent as both a writer and a director. His third film, Disappointment Blvd, is set to release later this year.
Reddit user substantial_top2076 claims that both of Jordan Peele’s movies so far, Get Out and Usare full of “suspense” that “caught [them] instantly”. And whilst it’s true that Peele might not have the longest resume on the list, it’s certainly one of the most consistent.
Both of Peele’s films are champions of social commentary, working strong political/social messaging into the plots and manipulating it to make for a thrilling story. There are few other directors that can manage that as effectively as Peele, and it’s that trait that sets him apart from all the competition.
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