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Animated movies are known for being beautifully entertaining but they can also be emotional, here are 10 flicks guaranteed to make you unashamedly cry
With the recent release of Encanto causing fans emotional distress in the best way, it is important to remember those older animated flicks that had the same effect. Animated movies have the ability to present themselves as something fun and usually family orientated but underneath that shiny surface, they are littered with important life messages and emotional scenes that stick with fans forever as seen with the recent reaction to Encanto.
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But Encanto wasn’t the first and it definitely won’t be the last with Redditor molliegeorgie seeking the help of others to create a comprehensive list of animated flicks that viewers aren’t afraid to say made them emotional. For those that have finally got over the emotional turmoil of Encanto, here are 10 older animated flicks guaranteed to have that same effect!
The idea of a monster entering a child’s room in a bid to scare them is not a concept many would consider an emotional watch, but Sully and Mike Wazowski proved that not every monster is terrifying. The movie provided viewers with an entertaining concept built on that of folk tales – but instead of scaring, the movie provided a heartwarming story that promoted the idea that one can’t judge a book by its cover.
Monsters, Inc saw the two monsters develop a bond with Boo, who stole viewers’ hearts before subsequently breaking them. Redditor whatapancake shared that the “ending still gets [them]” with Boo having to abandon her childhood friends whilst Sully and Mike Wazowski said their final farewell too, leaving viewers in tears in front of their TV.
The Iron Giant is one of the best-animated movies with a robot protagonist but this iron giant melted even the coldest of hearts through its heartwarming dialogue. The movie ultimately showcases the importance of human interaction and how it can change one’s pathway in life whether they’re a viewer or The Iron Giant.
Redditor saxmaster896 shared how their “college roommate showed [them] this movie when [they were] in one of [the] deeper depression episodes” before explaining that “it made [them] realize at the end of the day no matter what happens you make your own life”, showcasing what a poignant watch this animated flick really is.
The Toy Story franchise brought children’s toys to life which proved popular with both younger and older viewers as it dialed into that childhood nostalgia many viewers chase as they age. All 3 movies were innovative, creative, and wholesome, but the final part of the trio left fans longing for those childhood toys they left behind when moving forward in their life.
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The movie’s final scene still plays on viewers’ minds, including diagon29 who explained that “the scene where Andy gives his toys is when the floodgates truly open”. The final scene made viewers reminisce about their own childhood toys and the transition from childhood to adulthood which is why fans were left with guilt, tears, and heartbreak once the movie ended.
Inside Out is an animated movie that deals with some serious issues and homes in on the emotions that follow different life transitions, making it a poignant watch for all viewers. The movie gives each emotion a visual cue as well as a personality that shows the fluctuating emotions of growing up whilst also touching on children’s mental health.
Redditor tosety explained how “it was a powerful movie for me because of how accurately it depicted […] depression” by making her interests turn grey before her emotions rallied together and got Riley to seek help from her parents, showcasing that it’s not just an emotional watch but an important one too.
Big Hero 6 is an adventure movie that didn’t just provide fans with a great story of action but also one of friendship and respect. The movie abandoned the strong robot so commonly seen in other movies and replaced it with an inflatable human figure that won the hearts of viewers.
Big Hero 6 follows the story of grief and for many, this theme proved to stir up many emotions but for others, it was the relationship between Hiro and Baymax that made the movie so emotional. Snoo79382 shared that “every time [they] see Baymax hug Hiro, it reminds [them] of the hugs [they] always love getting from [their] parents”, an emotion shared by many fans!
All Dogs Go To Heaven is one Don Bluth film that gave Disney a run for their money with interesting characters and quirky concepts that made it an emotional minefield for many. The movie toys with the idea that viewers’ beloved pets go to heaven even those with questionable morals.
The movie proved to be an emotional watch due to heaven focussing so heavily but for some, it was when the tragic news about Judith Barsi was released that made it even more heart-wrenching. Charlie’s character goes back down to save her character and many including phantom_avenger “get overwhelmed with sadness every time [they] listen to the song “Soon You’ll Come Home.” due to its heartbreaking reality.
Studio Ghibli movies have a reputation for being so visually stunning that they open up viewers to the idea of cinema as an art form but Spirited Away was one addition to the studio that left viewers in tears after watching. The movie brings to life many fears young people face throughout life which makes it applicable to older viewers too and even gives some the chills.
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It creates a world where present and past can exist in the same space but also looks at key themes like identity and grief but it was the movie’s visuals that made fans tear up. Many viewers suggest that the movie looks and feels like magic with pizzaiguana sharing that “it made [them] look at the world magically again”, which is enough to reignite those important childhood emotions.
Wall-E is not only a heartwarming sci-fi romance but also another great movie with a robotic lead that once again replaces the terrifying robot with one that is more human. The movie is a sweet romance between two robots whose mission is to clean up the earth but it also has a vital message about climate change.
The movie prompts fans to analyze how much they buy and how they discard it by representing the potential dark future of earth if overconsumption continues. For many this created emotions of guilt and upset including areyyyyyy who stated that Wall-E put them to shame as he “knew love more than any of the humans”, resulting in it being a tearful and thought-provoking watch
Coco was bound to upset viewers due to it shedding a light on some very core themes resulting in it becoming a staple movie when introducing children to loss. Despite the movie’s incredible soundtrack, it also has a very important message about the importance of family and the role they can have in one’s future.
The movie reminds viewers of the fragility of life and how one can keep the memories of those lost loved ones alive through memories and in Miguel’s case: music. Viiibrations explained how they saw “Coco on opening night at the theater and [they] heard sniffling and crying from pretty much everyone around me”, highlighting how the movie resonated with so many, including young and old.
It’s safe to say that many viewers were emotionally traumatized after watching the movie Up but that’s not to say that the movie isn’t a beautiful watch. The relationship between Carl and Ellie had fans in tears within the first 10 minutes of the movie with the opening scene depicting the life milestones they had hit together before Ellie’s untimely death.
Whilst the movie is a great story about the impact people can have, it is also a story of grief that shocked many. One Redditor even stated that “you never expect to watch a movie for children and to get that lump inside your throat within the first 10 minutes”, but Up did that and caused many to wish for a love like Carl and Ellies.
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